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Welcome to Specific Dimension

We is a company formed by a group of engineers who are experienced in mechanical and electrical installation works. Capable to undertake all kinds of projects; ranging from commercial to industrial; and also Design and Build project.

Established since 13 June 1994, Specific Dimension has 14 years of experience in the market. Specific Dimension Sdn. Bhd. is actively involved in industrial sectors for the Year 2007. We are the in house vendors for some of the MNCs in FTZ area; to maintain the client's facilities including mechanical utilities installation.

As a result of expanding construction industry in the Region, Specific Dimension Sdn. Bhd. which is fully locally based, but serve over nation and even oversea project. We are able to provide quality services and fast respond to fulfill your needs.

Specific Dimension Sdn. Bhd is registered under the Construction Industry Development Board Malaysia (CIDB) for the Grade G7 (Highest Grade)., Mechanical & Electrical category.

Company Objective

  • Safety

    Customers and employees safety is always the top priority.
  • Quality

    Deliver world class quality works and products.
  • Customer Orientation

    Always deliver and commit to customer needs.
  • Cost

    Deliver high quality work with competitive pricing; and practice Value Engineering.

What others are saying about us?

Specific Dimension is truly brilliant! This company is exactly what other business should actually dealing with if they want any service related. 100% recommended!

James, Manager